New Park on Southfork Dr in Pearland for Silverlake, Silvercreek, and Southwyck


Feb 2014 - The new park is open!  The grass at the park is dormant and we all need to avoid walking and playing on it until it starts growing (2-3 months).   With no root system, the grass will turn to a muddy mess if we disturb it.    


Sep 2013 - Brazoria County Municipal Utility District No.6 is making use of a storm water detention area and turning it into a Pearland neighborhood park for residents of Silverlake and Silvercreek.  Richard Skotak of The Silver Star Group is a board member of MUD 6 and can answer any questions you may have about the plans or timeline for this new park.

The Southfork Drive Park will provide various recreational facilities starting with a large playground and picnic pavilion with barbecue grills and overlook area, site lighting, picnic tables, park benches, landscaping, and over a hundred  shade trees.   

There will be an 8 foot wide figure 8 shaped walking and jogging trail that will surround the park and a pedestrian bridge in the middle connecting to the walking and jogging trails. To make travel easier and safer, a sidewalk will be added along Southfork Drive from the park to Silvercreek Drive. 

Two little league baseball practice fields and several soccer practice fields will be built along with an 18 hole frisbee golf area.

The parking lot has just been completed and the park is scheduled to be finished just in time for Christmas 2013.

Here are more details on the plans for MUD 6 Southfork Drive Park.